Don't hire a trainer until you read
Anyone can call themselves a "dog trainer, dog behaviorist, dog ​and
absolutely NO special training, certification, licensing, or degrees are
required by law?​
​This means any person, at any time, anywhere, with any level of
knowledge or experience, can start a dog training business, ​
​charging trusting dog parents $50, $80, or $100+ an hour! All without
any guarantee that the parent is receiving humane, ​
​responsible, educated, scientifically-valid advice and services.  ​
​There are many, many dog trainer "certifications" available to people
who pay money and take a course or enroll in a school. ​
​Some of these certifications are more respectable than others. But the
bottom line is, anyone can open a school and start ​
​"certifying dog trainers".   A certification is only as good as the
organization or school that did the certifying.​
​There are no government licenses in place for dog trainers.​
​There are no nationally recognized or enforceable standards of
practice for dog trainers.​
​ This means that dog trainers can do just about anything to your dog
and call it "training", and likely get away with it, even if they ​
​hurt your dog physically or psychologically!​
​ Before you hire a dog trainer, do your research. Ask for certifications
and other qualifications, and then research those things.  ​
​Ask for references and then call them!  Remember that you are hiring
someone who is a member of a profession where ​
​ 'anything goes' - so be cautious!  If a trainer tells you they use a
particular tool or technique, do some digging - the Internet is a ​
​wonderful place to gather information and will help you make informed
decisions.  ​
​Your dog trusts you - he relies on you to protect him and keep him
safe from harm. You owe it to your dog to choose the best ​
​ trainer possible. This is a person that will address the problems you
seek help for and offer solutions that help - not hurt - your ​
​best friend or your relationship with him.  ​