Management & Care

Thinking about
going to
dog parks?
Please read
THIS first.
Poisons - information on keeping
your Pit Bull safe from toxic
subtances, plus a searchable
database of safe and poisonous
Breaking Sticks - what you
need to know about this
management tool.

RPB promotes natural, holistic health care coupled with sound,
reasoned allopathic veterinary care; a natural, raw or home-cooked
diet or high quality kibble, and organic/grass-fed meats.

Here are some raw food suppliers (organic, grass-fed, and
humanely raised):

*Eat Wild
*Hare Today


  • Organix
  • Natural Balance
Natural Health & Care Supplies:

*Pet Health & Nutrition Center
Natural Flea & Tick Control:

*Buck Mountain Organic Parasite Dust
*Quantum 100% Natural Flea & Tick
Feeding Your Pit Bull