What it's like to share your life and home with one of these amazing

It isn't uncommon to hear Pit Bull guardians utter the words, "You have
to have one to know what I mean." Pit Bull guardianship is a truly
unique experience. It is difficult to express the level of love, joy, and
pure magic this breed brings to its caretakers every single day. On this
page we offer you a glimpse into this world. Read on to discover why
Pit Bull guardians wouldn't want any other breed!

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When I originally went to the shelter to look for a pet I saw Maggie
and it was love at first sight. She was so loving and cuddly unlike the
other dogs. She is still that way with everyone she meets. She craves
positive attention and loves to be the limelight of the show. What a
ham! And my goodness does she love children! This four year old at
the dog park played with Maggie all day once. Maggie would follow
her around and do whatever she wanted. Never once did she try to
jump or hurt the little girl. She simply would retrieve sticks and shake

Maggie does get kennel trained when we are away from home. We
have learned the hard way that Maggie likes her limits and her
attention! When she's needing either of them, she chews! She likes
her huge kennel though and regards it as her own little area. But at
night she sleeps with my husband and I. In the mornings we tend to
find her under the covers with her head perched on my pillow. My
husband says he can't tell who snores louder: Maggie or me.

We have trained Maggie to sit, shake, lay, rollover, play dead, and
stay, and she is only five months old. She is so smart and eager to
learn. I don't think I have ever owned another dog that wants to
please and be loved as Maggie does.

For all those people that believe that this breed is dangerous, well, I
can only put it mildly this way: Are children bad for doing what they
are told to do even if it is wrong or is it the parents that are bad for
telling the children to do something wrong? All breeds of animals only
want to please their owners. It is the owners who are responsible for
teaching their pets to behave the way they do. And with any animal or
child, when given positive training, influence and attention they will
respond in love and giving.

Stephanie: About a year ago, my girlfriend and I adopted a badly
malnourished, beaten and scarred pit bull from a rescue operation in
our hometown. She was taken out of her surroundings thanks to a
neighbor who called and complained about the mistreatment of the
dogs near his home. Luckily, we contacted the rescuer (because we
the Pit Bull from her current situation. We absolutely fell in love with
the dog. She only weighed about 11 pounds when we took her home,
and she had scars and cuts all over her face and front legs. The
previous owner had used her as a fighter and brood bitch. She was
only a year old and had already been bred several times. She was
very shy and nervous, but little by little, she grew to trust us. Now,
she's 2 years old, and she is 41 pounds, with few scars left, and she's
beautiful and loving. We are so proud to have been the lucky ones to
call and have her choose us. We adequately named her Destiny... we
agreed it was her destiny to be with us. We took another step in the
Pit Bull parenthood direction, we adopted a little boy Pit Bull playmate
for her, and they're getting along wonderfully!

Destiny & Mom Stephanie
From the first moment those eyes looked into our soul and she
promised a life of love, joy and adventure.

She was posing as a Staffordshire Bull, and was to be our third. I
bigger than expected - but the affection and instant love captured our
hearts and home she came.

Soon after, we were told she was a Pit Bull - a restricted, dangerous
dog in Australia. So in came the council to inspect and certify and we
passed with flying colours.

Angel is a living, breathing source of love and affection. The
intelligence and intuition she possesses far outstrips many humans I
have encountered. Her love is strong, unconditional and boundless.

She is a coffee guzzling klutz. She sits at the table to indulge in our
evening meal - and can't understand why guests don't share our
passion - and their food! She has even mastered the gas heater, and
we have the gas bills from hell - as she turns the heater on when we
leave home - do we care - not one bit as long as she is safe and

Angel likes to travel - she has her own BMW and car harness and
loves to go with dad to drop mum at work - the faster the better as
her ears and tongue vibrate in the wind. She smiles and brings
laughter to those that see her lolling out the car window - safely
harnessed in her own seatbelt.

We have two kids - they too belong to her, the cats are hers, as are
the other dogs - she is the centre of the family. Angel is 5 now and I
already dread her leaving us. She has had bowel surgery - from
eating peaches and swallowing the seed - we don't have stone fruit
anymore. Then she did tore the first anterior cruciate ligament in her
back leg and sure enough, 6 weeks later, the other! She is the $5000

Her dad, Adrian, lives for her smile - she lights up his world and makes
us laugh, bringing our family together. To me, she is comfort and
reason and makes the tough corporate world I work in seem
meaningless - well - she would tell you, I only go there to support her
in the way she is accustomed.

Angel is the best ad for Pit Bulls you could imagine - the only thing to
fear is being loved or kissed to death. She is gentle and patient with
children, and recognises her role in dispelling the Pit Bull myth.

Will we ever own another breed other than Pit Bulls - no! Can we
imagine life without a pittie - absolutely not. In our inner city, urban
lifestyle she is the voice of reason - walk me, love me, be with me. She
sleeps with us, is the centre of our family and my relationship with her
is one of the most unique and special relationships I have every

Angel from Australia
When I got him, he was about 3 month old and pink as could be. He
was born deaf, which I knew when I got him. The family, who had
him before me, couldn't keep him anymore and were about to give
him to the pound. So I took him home with me!

He is so smart! It didn't take long for him to be housetrained and to
learn signs for �good boy, no, sit, down and stay. He is so eager
to please. He learned "high 5" and down after only a few tries. He
loves people. At the park he goes up to just about everyone, tail
wagging, big old grin on his face. He does just about anything for
attention. You should see him rolling in a mud puddle and gets
everyone laughing...except for me! I�m the one who has to clean
him up. Most people are surprised when they find out Raleigh is a Pit
Bull--"A Pit Bull? But he's so cute and friendly!" (duh!)--and even
more surprised when I tell them that he is deaf. But that little
handicap has not slowed him down one bit.

From the moment I got him, he was exposed to horses, people and
other dogs. At this point he has not shown any aggression and I
pray it will stay that way. Raleigh is my 2nd Pit bull. After owning
Koko, my first, I knew I would have a Pit Bull again. She was such a
great dog too, loved people, but wasn't good around other dogs. I
got her a muzzle and went to dog beach just about every day, never
had a problem. How did Stratton say it? "Once you have owned a Pit
Bull, you'll never want to own another breed of dog". Something to
that effect, and it�s true in my case. I can't describe the fun I have
with this dog. He is so darn cute when he wakes up in the
mornings...taking up most of my bed...smiling at me and cuddling,
licking my face. He is very eager to go out and do things and he
loves hanging out at home just as much.
This is a great breed and it is a shame bad people ruin it!

Dozer, the home security love muffin!

Thought you'd like to know that Dozer saved us from an intruder a
couple of months ago. My husband was working the midnight shift. It
was about 1 AM and I was up on my couch watching a movie with
Dozer. He kept running over to the living room window and crying,
and I kept telling him to lay down and be quiet. He listened to me but
he was still jumpy. I heard noises, but I thought it was the wind.
Anyway, about 10 minutes later, I heard a sound at our kitchen
window. Dozer heard it too. He literally jumped OVER me, and ran to
the window. Suddenly his hair was standing straight up, and he
showed his teeth and began to growl. He lunged at the kitchen
window, through the blinds, and began barking incessantly until I
went over to him. Needless to say, I was scared. I have never seen
our Dozer show his teeth or growl like that. It was just me and my 2
boys in the house, and all the lights were off, so someone must have
thought I was sleeping or not home. Anyway, for the rest of the
night, Dozer was on guard duty. He wouldn't settle down until a few
hours later. The next morning when my husband came home, I told
him what happened. He went outside to the kitchen window and
sure enough the screen was lifted up on one side! Someone did try
to get in. God only knows what would have happened if Dozer wasn't
here with us. Steve (the husband) went out to the store that
afternoon and bought Dozer about $40.00 worth of toys, he was so
proud of him. No one has ever tried to break in again!

Well, I thought you'd appreciate this little story. I would've given
money to see the look on the face of the person who was trying to
break in when Dozer's big face and teeth came through the blinds at
them! He's better than any alarm system. . ADT home security......eat
your hearts out!

Dozer is so loved, he's completely mommy's boy. He follows ME
everywhere I go, and babysits my boys (10 and 11 y.o.) whenever I
run out to the store for something. Just think, Dozer was one day
away from being put to sleep when we got him. I couldn't imagine life
without him.
Cinny has brought such joy, love and laughter into our home and I
can't imagine life without her. Cinnamon is the most loving (almost
too much sometimes!), intelligent, playful, gentle and sensitive dog
that I have ever seen. I defy anyone to spend even an hour with my
sweet girl and try to tell me that she is a vicious and mean-spirited
animal. Cinnamon is given a tremendous amount and love and even
keeled discipline and because of this, she is a kind and gentle dog.

was wearing a t-shirt the other day that said: "Who rescued who?"
It struck me and made me stop to think that not only have we
rescued Cinnamon from her confines in a kennel, but she had
rescued us in turn by filling our home with such love.


It is truly an honor to be a Pit Bull owner and I don't think I could
ever own another kind of dog after this experience with our Cinny. I
am proud of her and I show her off as much as I can! I pray that we
can stop the shameful bias and unfair treatment that these beautiful
creatures have to endure every single day.
Anna: Last October we responded to an ad in the paper of a Boston
Terrier/Schnauzer Mix. We wanted a Boston Terrier but couldn't
afford a purebred. So we went and saw her. She was 7 weeks old,
tiny and sooo adorable. She clung to her brothers and cried like
crazy when we took her away. She cried the entire way home. We
noticed she seemed to itch a lot, to the point of where she would cry
while scratching. She couldn't even sleep. We took her to the vet on
Mange! It was sarcoptic mange, the contagious to humans kind.
Well, we all got it. It finally went away and then she got sick with
bloody diarrhea and vomiting. I was so tired of dealing with the
sickness that I wanted to get rid of her. But something inside
wouldn't let her go. So when I took her back to the vet for a
checkup, the vet said to her "You are such a cute little pit bull." He
was playing with her and talking to her in silly voices. I said, EXCUSE
ME? This is not a pit bull, she is a Boston terrier mix. The vet looked
at me like I was crazy and he thought I knew she was a pit. Well, I
was one of those people who thought pit bulls were dangerous, and
had heard all the stories. Just a month before we got her, my aunt
had mentioned wanting a pit bull and I told her if she got one, I'd
never bring my son over there again! So, imagine my SHOCK when I
found out she was a pit bull! I managed to get over it and now I love
her like nothing else! She is 5 months old and can already sit, shake
and give high five. She LOVES to play the
you-throw-and-I-go-chase-it game with ANYTHING. I can always tell
when she wants to play, because she will bring a toy and drop it in
my lap. She is also excellent with my 2 year old son. He loves her
and calls her "my Niko." She is crate trained and potty trained. She
likes nothing better than to sit in my lap and chew on a toy while I
rub her belly. She gives lots of kisses and hugs, and likes to sleep
with and clean the cat. They sleep together on the couch every
night. She is silly, has the "pit-fits" you talked about, and does hang
off the couch upside down! I have never in my life had such a good
dog, and I am already looking to add another to our family. Thanks
for helping me be a pit bull convert. Your website convinced me to
keep her instead of giving her away when I found she was a pit bull.
To you I am eternally grateful! She is a wonderful dog; without you I
never would have known that.
Amanda Creely wanted to share the story of Eve and her family:
She was about a year old. She was a frat house dog. She was
totally neglected. The people who owned her didn't have the time or
the money to care for her properly. She was fed frozen chicken
nuggets, locked in a small room, never taken out, and beat for
messing on the usually bought all her dog food and did most of the
walking. When the guys moved out of the house, they couldn't keep
Eve, so they gave her to the guy that they bought her from
originally. He only wanted her as a brood bitch. He wanted a male
from her bloodline. He bred her, then locked her in a closet and left
her there until she had her puppies. She was lost to me until I found
her again by chance.

A lady that I worked with was married to the guy that had her. I
found out her fate was to be a fighting dog after her puppies were
weaned and sold. I couldn't have it. So I offered to buy her from him
and he accepted.

When Eve had her puppies she became very protective. Her breeder
couldn't go into the room without fear of her biting him, even though
I think it was more of a threat than anything else. But she allowed
me to come in, sit on the floor, and even handle every puppy. She
went so far as picking them up one by one and attempting to put
them in my car. In her mind she was going with me and taking her
puppies with her. The pups were weaned at six months, and I took
Eve to stay with my mother and our Corgie, Rocky. There was an
instant connection. They are so

close now that you can't take one out of the room without fear of
the other one having a fit.

Eve & Mamma

Eve & Rocky

I kept a daughter of Eve, Little Mamma (they look so much alike we
say she is a little version of her mamma). Little Mamma was initially
supposed to go with a friend of mine but that arrangement didn't
work out.

Little Mamma grew up in a house full of cats. To this day I think that
she thinks she is a cat. Since she was a pup, these cats have loved
her, slept with her, and cleaned her. When strangers come into the
house she guards 'her' cats like a mother dog would guard puppies.
We always keep a watchful eye, but for the most part they are great

Mamma & her cat.

These dogs have an innate ability to pick up on human emotion.
Mamma knows that when I am in a good mood that she is more
likely to get a treat so she will run over by her cookie jar and whine.
When I am sad, say plops all 65 pounds of herself on my lap. She
thinks she is one of the human girlfriends. When we sit at the
kitchen table she will jump up in a chair and sit there so attentively
like she is involved in the conversation.

Eve (who lives with my mom and her Corgie Rocky) love to visit with
us. When everyone gets together it is a big doggy fest. Eve and
Mamma still have that mother/daughter relationship. We keep our
eyes on them for aggression issues but the Corgie is the dominant
dog out of the "pack" so he usually instigates or breaks up any
squabbles. They are big babies. I have a 3-year-old niece who pulls
them around by their lips and they just love it.
When I found a Pit Bull and wanted to keep her, I was told, "NO!
homeowners insurance will cancel you!" I was freaking out.
Well the dog was freezing, starving, wormy, the whole nine yards.
So I decided we would take care of the dog until we found a good
home for her. I only knew what the press had said about Pit Bulls. I
knew nothing else. Well it took a lot of money to get this dog to
good health, and I was getting more and more attached. Onyx (well
I had to call her something) slept with me, played with me, met all
my friends, went everywhere with me. I had to make sure Onyx was
healthy before I found her a new home........right??? I had to make
sure she was stable........right?? See that took time!!!

Well, I called my vet, found your website 2 years ago and began
reading on the Pit Bull. I studied the requirements that my
municipality had for these type of dogs. I was in love with Onyx by
this time and asked my vet if he thought a passive person like
myself could own this dog. I couldn't part with her. Onyx is the best
dog I have ever had. I began socializing her early on, like your
website said, and watched her. Onyx is always on a leash. Onyx is
registered with the City of St Louis, and she is microchipped and I
had her spayed. Onyx has 2 babysitters, Grandma and my friend
Kim. Kim has a dog and they play real well together, but we always
stay aware.

Onyx just got her second set of shots, and at the vet's, Dr. Kirka
walks in and goes to pet Onyx and it turned into a big hug, and
then Dr. Kirka looks at me says, "oh I guess I should ask if she is
nice, before I start hugging on this dog" It was so cute. I am
keeping an eye on her, your website says even up to 4 years of age
Pit Bulls can show aggression. I will keep contacting your website
for advice and how to be a responsible owner. I cannot tell you
enough how I appreciate your site, it allowed to me to embark on a
new adventure I never would have got to experience if this site
would not have been there. I don't understand the gaming thing at
all, I am more into visiting friends with Onyx, throwing the ball,
tug-o-war is her favorite, and walking on a leash. We go to the vet's
office just for socialization and to get their special chocolate
cookies!!!! Since I am not a strong person, I am limited to the
activities that I do with Onyx. So I hope I am meeting Onyx's needs,
the vet says she is happy and well adjusted, so I guess we are
doing okay. I have 2 cat's and then Onyx, they all get along real
well, I have to remind Onyx every now and then that Ace my cat will
tear her up!!! Onyx and Ace will sleep together it is so cute.

Well I have taken enough of your time, I going to browse your site
some more. Thank you again for all the information that you publish
to help people like me be responsible pet owners. You absolutely
correct, the irresponsible owners should be punished and not the
breed. I get angry when people start talking about Pit Bulls, do they
realize how ignorant they are? The public is missing out on an
opportunity to have a really good animal. I do not use Onyx as a
guard dog, and I will not take her to training for that because of the
information you have provided. I could see where that could be a
recipe for disaster. Onyx is just the family pet, and extremely
spoiled! The best investment I make are those real big bones, and
those sturdy chew toys!!! Onyx is my companion, and a good one!
Sara Wales: My APBT is a 2 year old female. We call her Luna. She
home while I was 8 months pregnant. She was so tiny then. From
next to my pregnant belly. She now sleeps with my daughter. She
is almost 2 and they are best friends. Luna would watch the kids
playing on the slide, waiting for them to get off and play with her.
One day she climbed the later to the top of the slide and there she
went. On her back end down the slide. Now that is one of her
favorite things to do with the girls. We tried to crate train her. She
got so bored sitting in her crate that she figured out a way to get
out. She can open doors, jump 4 foot fences, and just about get
out of anything you put her in. She hates to be alone. I fell in love
with her, and her breed. I will never go without a pit bull again. I
will always own one.
Yet another Pit Bull convert writes: My brother said he could
get my daughters a puppy for free if I wanted, but when he told
me it was a Pit Bull I told him no way. I had huge reservations
about the breed because of all the bad things I had heard. Well,
he brought her over one night real late, when she was only 7
weeks old. The people that owned her said they weren't going
to care for her anymore and they were going to take her to the
pound if we didn't keep her. But as soon as I saw her I fell in
love. She was so little and so scared. She was shivering and
terrified. I wrapped her up in a blanket and held her like a baby
until she fell asleep. I was still kind of worried about how
aggressive she would be, especially since my kids were so
young. My fiance said we were going to keep her, he had had Pit
Bulls his whole life and he loves them. I see why now. Trinity is
the best dog anyone could ever want. She sleeps with me every
night and she is wonderful with my daughters. It is definitely
true when they say once you own a Pit Bull you will never want
any other breed. She is so loving and smart and funny and
affectionate. She is just like another kid. My kids are rough with
her and she goes right along with it, she loves to play with them
and she has never shown any indication of aggression. She is
leashed trained and plays with the other animals that live by us,
although we do watch her closely with them. She is the perfect
example of how wrong people are about Pit Bulls. I only wish I
could change the minds of more people and get them to help
rescue these wonderful animals from the evil people that only
want them for fighting and breeding.
Jess has this to say about her dog Ajax: The saying "you don't
have any idea until you share a home with one" goes a We still
have have him to this day because we loved him soooo much.
He is a wonderful pet and he loves everyone. I wouldn't trade


Holli's guardian says: Holli is a loved family member. I guess I
stereotyped idea about Pit Bulls that they are not all like what
you see on TV. Holli is the most loving and affectionate dog I
have ever met. I have had her since she was 7 weeks old. I
guess because she has been spoiled rotten she now thinks she
is human and has taken on a lot of human characteristics. When
watching TV, Holli sits just like us, she only eats food that is bite
size, she LOVES to give hugs, and she sleeps with her head on
the pillow and under the blanket right in between her Mom and
Dad. Besides being with her parents, Holli loves children. Most
parents get scared when they see the 62 pound Pit Bull playing
with their child, but Holli loves to be around kids.

Sugar gets a bit jealous since there isn't room enough for her,
too. So she'll slowly, slyly sneak out of the living room and slink
into the laundry room. She returns shortly with one of my wife's
shoes. (Never one of my shoes, only Rachel's).

She'll then parade into the living room, shoe held high, and plop
down with it directly in front of the tv. Rachel gets up, grabs her
shoe, and takes it back to the laundry room. As soon as Rachel
"takes the bait" Sugar claims her spot on the couch. Works
every time!
Debra Speir writes: "My Pit Bull mix, Lucky, has two games
that he plays by himself..they are hilarious to watch. Game 1 -
he takes a large rock from outside (I've seen him do this with 5
pounders!), balances on his back legs, and bats the rock this
for incredibly long stretches of time. Game 2 - he plays "vroom
vroom" with my 4-year old's toy trucks. He puts a paw on top of
one and pushes it around the floor. Sometimes he gives one a
hard shove, then chases it. Are other dog breeds this
Pit Bull guardian Lynda had this to say about her dog's play
One of our favorite games was "The Dance".

The first time we saw it was when we gave Pepper an apple.
She loved to eat EVERYTHING, and ate it quickly, so we
expected her to gobble up the apple just the same. But she
didn't know what it was, and decided it was a ball. She batted
it around, and did a dance that looked like a cross between a
soccer game, a sword dance, and a Mexican hat dance. There
was much leaping, fancy footwork, barking/singing, and joy in
this dance. After about 45 minutes the skin of the apple was
pieced, and Pepper realized that this might be a food item.
The dance continued for at least another 15 minutes, and
then a very tired dog ATE her toy. The humans finally stopped
laughing hysterically at the show.

This dance was then enjoyed with every other apple, rawhide
treats (which could be played with for months before being
eaten), and tomatoes she would pick from my garden
(tomatoes wouldn't last long, though).

The dance required an appreciative audience, and the more
the audience enjoyed it the more amazing it became. Ignoring
it was not permitted -- the human would be barked at until
sufficient attention was paid, and then the dance would

We tried to videotape the dance, but she didn't consider the
camera enough of an audience to do more than a small dance
About our Pit Bull......He is incredibly spoiled and of course
we think except he doesn't actually ever let us get hold of
the other end of his rope. Instead every time we reach for it
he'll run around shaking it back and forth and acting like he
worked really hard to get it away from us. His all time
favorite past time though is for us to take him swimming with
us at the lake. He will spend all day swimming out to us our
floaties, he'll lay around for a little while, and then he'll jump
head first off into the water and swim back to shore; only to
turn right back around and swim back to get on the floatie
again! At night he feels that he has to come and crawl in bed
between us a few times before he actually goes to get in his
bed with his blankie and teddy. We'll say, "Harley go get in
your bed"; and he'll walk to the end of the bed lay there
until we tell him to go get in bed again, then he'll inch a little
farther down, and wait for us to tell him again to go to bed.
We tease him that he's making good and sure we don't
want him sprawled out on his back on top of us! But in the
end we really wouldn't have it any other way. He has
become an indispensable part of our little family, and now
we couldn't imagine how we ever got along without him!"
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