Common Sense
Around Canines
The bottom line… bites and dog attacks are preventable. trouble.

1) Always keep your dog on leash in public places. NO EXCUSES!

2) Keep your dog properly confined – that means in your house, in a
crate, in a secure/topped/locked kennel run, or behind a locked
gate/fence (the fence should be a privacy fence and at least 6 ft tall
with no way for your dog to climb over or dig under it).

3) There is NO EXCUSE for a loose dog. Prevent dog escapes before
they happen by following rule # 2. One escape is too many. If your dog
has escaped, find out why, and then fix the problem.

4) Don't leave your dog unattended where people or other animals can
get to him.

5) Obedience train your dog so you can control him.

6) NEVER leave your Pit Bull unattended with other animals.
7) NEVER, EVER EVER leave your Pit Bull alone with small children or the

8) If your dog is showing signs of aggression (growling, nipping, biting,
excessive mouthing or barking/lunging at people & other animals), get
help from a professional NOW instead of later.

9) Do not allow your dog to run loose with children – running children
can excite a dog and cause him to behave aggressively.

10) Do not allow your baby/toddler to crawl around on the floor or
toddle around your dog. This could cause your dog to be defensive,
nervous, or excite his play/prey drive and cause aggression/

11) Teach your children to leave the dog alone when he is eating or
has an object.

12) Teach your children respect for dogs - no pulling hair or ears; no
poking or hitting; no teasing; no yelling at or near dogs.

13) Never approach a dog without asking permission; approach slowly,
sideways, and offer a closed fist; allow the dog to come to you. Pat the
dog under the chin, or on the back; avoid reaching over or at a dog.